Please note that the special offer of research @ £15 per hour will expire at the end of August 2020.

As each family history is unique it is difficult to predict exact costs. Tracing a family who stayed in the same village for generation after generation would for example take far less time than tracing a family who lived in an urban area, or who moved about the country. We therefore charge by the hour and suggest that you choose a budget that you would like us to work to, so that you remain in control of how much you are spending.

We can offer research from one hour (minimum period, for example if you just have a few baptism or marriage entries that you would like checking) to a full family history. If you have a specific problem/project, please contact us so that we can give you an estimate of likely costs.

Our current rates are £16 per hour plus expenses. Expenses will vary according to the type and area of research. You may need to budget for:

Birth/marriage/death certificates- £11 each* or £7* for PDF birth and death documents from the General Register Office.

Copies/printouts- around 50/60p per page* (of census returns, parish registry entries, local wills etc.)

Downloads/copies of wills after 1858 (from the National Probate Registry)- £1.50 per will*

Travel/postage costs- please ask for details. Travel costs are shared between clients whenever possible and calculated from our nearest ‘base’ to your area of research.

A small deposit is payable before the start of research. Payment may be made by cheque or Paypal (a small fee is charged for the latter owing to Paypal charges).

*Prices correct July 2020. These may be subject to fluctuation due to circumstances beyond our control.